Thursday, 6 October 2011

Status Update: September 2011

This won't be a long one.

September has been ... odd. I had a few days of depression at the start of the month (just after I reported on August being 'episode-free', ironically), & then to the end of the month I had a very peculiar week that I can only describe as being 'mixed'. Very high mood, but with the occasional moments of extreme lows. Lows as in anger, stress & sadness, so it really was all over the place. Though the lows were responses to situations, albeit rather exaggerated ones, in hindsight.

Still, nothing was going to happen overnight. So I'm still on the diet-watching tactic. The thing I've been thinking about a fair amount recently however, is the importance on not being bored. Boredom allows the mind to wander, to dwell, & to play all sorts of nasty tricks on you. & that goes for everyone, not just us poor folks with malfunctioning brains. So I've been keeping very busy indeed. I've recaught the acting bug, had a couple of commissions for my burgeoning costume-making business, & watched LOTS of dvds.Along with this I've been clubbing, larping & rambling. I have to say, fighting off boredom has been fun & certainly productive, but I think there's something to say for not being too busy as well ... :D

That's all for now, I'm off to watch more dvds & play WoW.

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