Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mental Illness Metaphors ... Yay Or Nay?

I was directed to an interesting article today, about how using mental illnesses as metaphors (i.e: describing someone who washes their hands a lot as 'a bit OCD' or changeable weather as 'bipolar weather') can be damaging, in that it can demean or belittle the illnesses, making people think they're not as severe as they can be, & encouraging social stigmas against those with mental illnesses. It also raises the opposite idea that it can instead act to bring about discussion of mental illnesses & in that way increase understanding of them. Read the article & see what you think:


Also, the link at the bottom to bipolar disorder has a great section on treatment, including a 'self help' section for anyone who's not on drugs or just needs a way to get a better handle on it. It's pretty much the stuff I'm doing, which is nice for me - a bit of validation is always appreciated!

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