Monday, 15 August 2011

Status Update: July 2011

A tad late, I confess, but we've all been a bit distracted of late in the UK, by these bloody riots ... big thanks to the powers that be that they seem to be over ...

So let's see ... I believe I had 1 upswing & 1 downswing in July (notice how I can't seem to use the words 'mania' or 'depression'? Curious ...). The upswing wasn't too severe, though it did run a bit extreme toward the end. The downswing ... 3 or 4 days of utter misery, followed by a couple of days of numbness. It also happened to coincide with what should have been a very happy event. Thankfully I didn't ruin anyone's day.

And what of the mechanisms? Well, the meditation / reiki is still not on track, but better than last month. It's something that took me ages to get into the habit, & not long to get out of. I fear it's going to be the same this time around. Food-wise, I'm monitoring my caffeine intake - neither cutting it out completely nor allowing myself as much as I used to have - & it seems to be working well. I've eaten salmon as often as I can, & my scientifcally reliable other half informed me that folic acid also helps with mood regulation, so with that in mind I've been nomming on marmite on toast (good thing I love marmite!).

I'm also keeping myself very busy with making stuff, writing stuff, & playing stuff in my spare time - it's been a bit hectic at times, & I may need to remind myself to take some time out to avoid getting too stressed! But generally, life is good.

So in summary, I'm still not episode-free, but they weren't severe. This pleases me. I'll keep up the experiment. Stay tuned ...

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